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Climber Date Completed
Peaks Climbed
Days to Complete Remarks
Julia Camporeale 28/11/2015 10 14 hours  

Brendan Graham

Kavitaben Rathod

Ravi Kumar

29/01/2015 10 3.5 days  
Drew McLachlan 01/01/2015 16 2.5 days Climbed highest 16 as part of a walk to enjoy the area.Absolutely enjoyable and beautiful place to be for a few days
Daniel Newton/Adam Benfatto 18/12/2014 22 34 hours 22 Peaks but we climbed Mt. Kosciuszko 3 times, Mt Townsend 2 times and Carruthers Peak 2 times. Total 35 hours – 110kms.
Zac Zaharias, Mike Edmondson, Anand Bansode, Saachi Soni, Akash Jindal, Rupali Chavan, Anjali Kulkarni, Manisha Waghmare, Sharad Kulkarni, Shrikant Chavan 5/11/2014 11 2.5 Guides Zac Zaharias and Mike Edmondson leading Indian Mountaineering Team on Aussie Ten Peaks. Great walk. We took three days because of varying abilities with the Ramshead as a separate walk on the last day. Excellent weather and views. Three people in the group including one Australian have climbed Mt Everest. Next group champing at the bit to climb again
Angus Duke 23/08/2014 8 3 days Mid-winter solo attempt to complete the Aussie10 and then climb the ice at Blue Lake.
Day 1 - Rams Head, Rams Head North, Etheridge Ridge, Mt Kosi, Muellers Peak & Mt Northcote climbed with a campsite overlooking Albina Lake.
Day 2 - Muellers Peak (again), Alice Rawson Peak, Mt Townsend, Abbott Peak and Unnamed Peak SW (Byatts Camp), then back over Muellers Peak for third time to campsite overlooking Albina Lake.
Day 3 - Concerns over conditions meant deciding not to head north to Carruthers Peak & instead backtracked through Muellers Pass to Rawson Pass then to Charlotte Pass via Seaman's Hut.
Antony Bowesman & Dave Le Carpentier 26/01/2014 12 9hrs 45 mins A beautiful sunny Australia Day with not a cloud in the sky. A nice cool -2 deg. 6:38am start at Charlotte Pass. On the Abbott Range we did Townsend then Alice Rawson and took the western route back from there to Abbott/Byatt, which was a more difficult scramble than the eastern side.  There was a sausage sizzle below Kosi when we went past on the way to the Ramsheads, which had disappeared by the time we returned. A 10 minute break on Northcote and 20 minutes after the 4 peaks of the Abbot range. Magnificent views all day!  Route can be seen here
Peter Hart, Adriana Rus, Paul Senior, Gerry Kennedy, Brian Schumacher 09/01/2014 16 11hrs 41min Started at Charlottes Pass and enjoyed a magnificent sunset and excellent weather before finishing at Thredbo well ahead of schedule. Peter used the journey to celebrate his 70th birthday
Bernie Victory, Janice Watt, Ian Steel, Julie O'Leary, Anne Frodsom, Libby Brown 09/01/2014 10+1 14 hours On January 9th 2014 a team of Centacare fundraisers climbed the 16 highest peaks in Australia in under 12 hours.Another group climbed the 10 highest plus Mt Lee in a more leisurely 14 hours. Others in the group climbed between 10 and 16 peaks over a number of days. Thanks to this website for the inpiration and information.
Mat Gane & Bruce Hardy 18/12/2013 16 21 hours Commenced from Charlottes Pass to Twynam in anti-clockwise direction up to Rams Head Range and then back via Kosciuszko lookout direct to Snowy River to Charlottes Pass. 
Jack Starnawski & Maria Mulhearn 7.10.2013
2.5 days October Long Weekend with typical spring conditions, windy nights with fresh snow overnight. Perfect conditions for snow shoes. Starting from Thredbo with warm-up walk to Dead Horse Gap and covering all 12 peaks (Muellers Peak extra) in clockwise direction. Stunning view of Mt Dubios fully cover with snow. Total distance 67km.
Marg Hayes 23.09.2013
11.5 hours My second attempt in 3 days. First attempt we were whited out having completed 7 & 7/8 mountains. Spectacular views all the way. Started/finished at Spencers Creek. Skied to Tywan first, then Curruthers, exciting descent to Lake Albina, before climbing up Racecourse Gully to Alice Rawson, then onto Townsend. Great telemarketing down to the saddle then 2 Abbotts and up to Kosi, Etheridge, Nth Ramshead and finally Ramshead before the 12km ski back to Spencers. Very tired but great to make it.
Kristian Demsky 3.01.2013
1day 17hours Beautiful weather for both days. The notes on this site were really helpful. Camped at Mueller's Pass after bagging eight peaks, leaving Kosciuszko, Unnamed Peak, Ram's Head North and Ram's Head for the last day. Making your way across the valley from Abbott Peak, and again at Ram's Head, took some time. Stunning sunset and sunrise. Was able to reach the Kosciuszko summit by 6am and there was nobody else in sight, fantastic! This is definitely worth doing.
Tom Begic 10.09.2012
2 days

This is a challenge to complete the 17 highest peaks in Australia in one trip. (Also climbed Mt Stillwell (#22) on this trip). I completed it solo in Winter using snow shoes.
Just under two days to complete.. Add another 3.5 Hrs to get to / from Eagles Nest at Thredbo to complete the loop.
Total distance covered = 43 km. Near perfect weather first two days. Windy last day.
Second day was perfect in every way - especially weather. Watched a great sunset from Twynum and then hiked by starlight for another few hours to campsite. Completed 22 km and 12 peaks on that day.
Peak Order: Rams Head, North Rams Head, Etheridge Ridge, Mount Kosciuszko, Abbott Peak, Byatts Camp Peak, Mount Townsend, Mount Alice Rawson, Muellers Peak, Mount Clarke, Mount Northcote, Mount Lee, Carruthers Peak, Watsons Crag Dome (Mt Dubious), Mount Twynam, Little Twynam, Mt Stillwell, Rams Head Range.
Photos at:

Greg Davey & Matthew Davey 7.01.2012
3.5 days Great walk, missed out on Mt Dubious because of low visibility and wet maps. Beautiful views and a good challenge.
Polish Scouts in Australia (Harcerstwo) 13.12.2011
3 With a group of 22 we overcame the elements (fog, rain and hail) to climb all 10 highest peaks (plus a few extras as we weren't sure which was Alice Rawson). Awesome experience. Great hike. Beautiful nature.
Alison Oakes
Tom Rugg
Bill Brown
Kevin Rugg
4 days Every bump over 2000 metres within a cooee of Kosi. Fantastic trip!  Fantastic weather, just one morning of whiteout to keep things interesting over Carruthers.  Great reason to ski / walk the main range at any time of year!
Tom Begic 11.09.2011
2.5 days Fantastic environment, conditions extremely variable (from calm and visible to 100km/h + winds and zero vis), looking forward to 2012 winter season and completing all summits on the main range.
Andrew Jones
Pat Spiers
11 hours 8 min Great walk, one of the best. Late start then picked off all 12 peaks plus Muellers in vis that came and went, made a fair few silly route finding decisions but overall a marvellous day - The fiery sunset from Tennison woods knoll was the icing on the cake. We’ll be back.
Justin Ribot
Graeme Newton
Bill McCredie
Frankie Carroll
Joshua Kennedy-White
31 hours Our group of 7 completed the Charlottes Pass loop in 31 hours, including a sensational camp overlooking Koszciusko.  The group covered several other peaks outside of the official Aussie 10 list, where we weren’t sure of the higher peak on the maps we covered both given the proximity of peaks in the area.  A truly amazing environment, we were blessed with beautiful weather and would have been happy to spend many more days off the track.  It’s just a shame that Townsend is not the tallest mountain in Australia, as it is slightly more rewarding than strolling up Koszciusko. 
Graeme Alder & Brian O'Neil 18.3.2011
13 hours Finished the State Eight recently and we were inspired by Roland to have a go at the Ten. Really lucky with great weather and did the loop from Charlottes Pass in one day although we had allowed two. Truly beautiful area and awesome when you get off the tracks. Favourite peaks were Townsend and Rams Head North. Carpe Diem.
James Olszewski 12.3.2011
~12 hours Carrying only day packs our party of 6 completed the 12 peaks in just over 12 hours. After the long drive up from Melbourne the night before we set out in fine conditions at 10am only to watch the clouds descend over us before we reached the summit of the first peak. Conditions remained cool and misty for most of the day and we were greeted with <20m visibility at all of our first 8 peaks. The conditions improved on the climb up to Mt Kosciusko and remained fine for the rest of the day. We climbed the final peak at ~7.30pm and were treated to a glorious sunset behind us on the Rams head before a long stroll along the path back down to our cars at Charlotte’s pass. This was a great days walking in an amazing part of the country. 
Gary Sarela 16.11.2010
3.5 days Fantastic walk. Still lot of snow on the ground in November. Blue lake is well worth a side trip. Missed out on Abbott Peak & Byatts.
Strzelecki Hiking Club 2009
6 days 6 days in winter(from Geehi via Hannels Spur); 2 days in summer. Very hard in winter, wilderness adventure and good fun. Not for beginners. See
Bruce Wharrie & Marg Hayes 24.10.2009
10.5 hours All top ten by skiing. Snowing hard early, very sloppy 2pm onwards.
Jonathan Hyde 26.1.2009
3 days
Richard Fletcher 26.1.2009
3 days Thanks for the suggestion of this walk Roland. We had a fantastic time. Lunch time Friday till 11 am Monday was spent solidly walking. We parked at Thredbo and did the ramsheads on Friday camping off the dead horse gap track. Twynham and the 3 adjacent peaks were Saturday's effort. Carruthers and Townsend on Sunday with Koszciusko and Etheridge on Monday morning.
Mark Vincent 26.1.2009
3 days
Roland Handel 10.4.2007
3.5 days One of the best walks in Australia
Tiana Diep 10.4.2007
3.5 days

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